April 5th, 2016

Room Tour 2016

Recently, I decided that I wanted to change up my room. Having moved house about a year and a half ago, I still had all my old furniture, which was a bit mis-matched and didn’t look quite as I wanted it. So I made a decision to take a trip to Ikea and switch up my furniture 🙂


When you first step through into my room, my bed is central with the headboard on the same wall as my door. I believe my bed was from Harvey’s and my bedding is from Laura Ashley.


Straight ahead of the door I have an Ikea Kallax unit, with white wicker baskets inside it. To the right of the Kallax I have a huge wall mirror which is also from Ikea.


Next to my ikea unit I have a big Costco bear and underneath the window is a desk, which is surprisingly from Ikea!(Oh and so is the swirly chair)


Looking closer at my desk, I have some of my everyday makeup on it, and a little bit of Stationary. I might do a makeup collection post at some point too, so keep an eye out!


To the left of my desk is my new wardrobe. It has so much more space than my old one and personally I think that it makes my feel a lot bigger because it means that I don’t have to have a chest of drawers which frees up more floor space.


To store my books and some of my music things I have a Billy bookcase and my TV rests on top of it. Then right in the corner I keep my guitar on it’s stand.


Finally, next to my bed I have a bedside table, which I bought on Amazon, but I think it was originally from Debenhams!

Ellie x

16 year old fashion and lifestyle blogger Ellie Ramsay

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