March 27th, 2016

Perfume Collection 2016

Happy Easter everyone!

This may be completely unrelated to the chocolate giving Christian festival, however I have managed to gain quite a collection of perfumes and body sprays in the past six months and I thought it was about time I share them all with you.

Dot- Marc Jacobs

So I’m starting with the perfume I have had the longest, which is Dot by Marc Jacobs. I got this when I was on the way back from holiday in the duty free shop. It’s a very strong sweet scent and I used to wear it everyday.

Galimard Parfumerie (own creation)

My second perfume is one that I created myself while on holiday in Italy. I have a blog post all about it which you can find here.

Calvin Klein mini perfume set

I received this set for Christmas two years ago and it contained ‘Euphoria’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Eternity’. My favourite out of these three would probably be ‘Euphoria’, it’s incredibly light and I’ve used pretty much all of it. ‘Obsession’ has a deeper scent and is more dark and musky.

Jean Paul Gaultier- Classique

The packaging on this bottle is absolutely beautiful. The scent to go with it is quite musky but not as strong as ‘Obsession’.

Hollister Collection

The small collection I have of Hollister contains two body mists in the scents ‘Cresent Bay’ and ‘Solana Beach’. Cresent bay is by far my favourite, this led me to investing in the perfume of it also, which has a longer lasting scent but is still extremely sweet and girly.

Miss Dior Blooming bouquet

This is my joint favourite perfume with the next one I will show you. It’s a pretty floral scent and it’s quite light which means it’s good for everyday as it’s not too overpowering.

Michael Kors Radiant Rose Gold

Finally is my other joint favourite perfume. The Packaging is a beautiful rose gold and the rectangular shape is simple yet effective. The scent of this perfume is very classic and slightly sweet. It’s my favourite one to use on a night out as I don’t want to wear it too much and run out!

Ellie x

16 year old fashion and lifestyle blogger Ellie Ramsay

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