July 13th, 2015

Shoes Collection 2015

These are the shoes I currently own! This collection includes all my shoes apart from my trainers because later on I hope to be doing a ‘What I wear to excersize’ post so I thought I would leave those till then 🙂 Enjoy!

These are the flat sandals I own. Now, there is a reoccurring theme in the colour scheme of my wardrobe, and when it comes to shoes I’m pretty sure the bottom of my wardrobe evolves into a black hole…
On the left are my strappy sandals from next, that I bought specifically for holiday as they are flat and comfortable. On the right are a pair of Ted Baker flip-flops, which I got for my birthday and I have not worn for a good amount of time, so I will report back later.

Believe it or not, these are the only heels I own. As I’m still at school, I don’t really have a chance to wear heels apart from at special occasions and therefore there isn’t a great demand for heels in my wardrobe at the moment. Yes, once again they are both black. The strappy wedges are from new look and the kitten heels are from Miss Kurt Geiger, although I bought them from TK Maxx at a discounted price.

Where I lack in heels I gain in boots, I own four pairs of boots, varying in style. These are my black pairs. The ones on the left being Jeffery Campbell’s and the ones on the right being Caterpillar boots.

My only pair of Chelsea boots (on the left) are by far the most worn pair of shoes in my Wardrobe. They are from House of Fraser and they are the brand ‘Linea’. They are so comfortable and my go-to shoes for any kind of event. I don’t wear my Ugg boots very much, even in the winter I often go for some leather boots instead, but they are very helpful if you have an especially cold day as they are very insulating. These aren’t real ugg boots, they’re the versions from Next.

I apologise about the mess of these shoes. These casual trainers and pumps get beaten around a little bit so they are a little muddy…
On the left I have my toms, plain black of course, in the middle are my white converse and on the right are my only pair of colourful shoes, my vans. I wear these when I go on walks or when I’m doing something that involves standing around a lot.

Ellie x

July 9th, 2015

Pitch & Pleather

I don’t own many other leather items apart from shoes and my jacket but when I was on a bit of a hunt to add more skirts to my wardrobe, I found this random skirt in River Island. I genuinely just chucked it on with a white crop top and felt like I instantly had to have it.


Of course, it’s not real leather, when I say leather I mean leather-style fabric, but it definately doesn’t look or feel tacky. It’s fancy enough to wear on a night out, or a posh dinner, but at the same time it can be made a little more casual for a girly day out or something where you want to look nice but not really over the top. Having said that, I feel like when I wear this with any outfit, it does look like I put more effort into it then I actually did.


As for the vest top. I don’t think I have ever found a better bargain. My best friend and I found vest tops in Forever 21 for something ridiculous like £2 each. Surprisingly, they were a really nice shape and the v-neck made it a little different and edgier than the average scoop neck vest.




Pleather Skirt : River Island // V-neck Vest : Forever 21 // Boots : Jeffrey Campbell // Jersey Blazer : New Look

July 6th, 2015

Pandora Bracelets

My sister, my mum and I have three pandora bracelets between us. My sister and I both have the single leather ones (mine in grey, hers in purple) and my mum has a silver one. All of us have had these bracelets for about four years or so and between us we have managed to gain quite a large and random collection of pandora charms.


My mum got hers first, as a christmas present from my dad, he bought it when the silver classic pandora bracelets first came out, and from the rest of my family, we bought my mum some charms to go with it. My mum has always loved jewellery that is quite colourful and bright, so it was quite nice to be able to choose different charms for her, and also, for her to able to choose her own. Family members often get her pandora gift cards worth about £30 that allow her to be able to buy charms that she wants (which is helpful with a family full of completely different tastes).

After my mum had her bracelet for about a year, me and my sister both liked the idea of a pandora bracelet for ourselves, however the idea of a sterling silver bracelet that was anything but cheap seemed like an idea that was quite unobtainable for a pair of 10 year olds. Pandora then a few months later brought out a range of Pandora bracelets that instead of having a silver chain had a leather chain with sterling silver clasps. After going to the shop and having a look at the different colours you could choose from for the leather bracelets, my grandparents bought both me and my sister a bracelet each.


Ever since then, all three of us have received charms for birthdays, christmas and special occasions and personally, I think the idea of charms as a present is a brilliant idea because it can be very personal and a lovely addition to someones jewellery collection. I do believe they sell a lot more variations of the bracelets now, not just these two I’m showing you, and I think you’ll be glad to hear that they have decreased in price to what the used to be too!


It is recommended that you only wear five charms on the leather bracelet, however I have been wearing about 7 on mine for some time and it hasn’t seemed to weaken it, and could probably deal with one or two more. My mum has loads on hers! The one thing I do really like about the classic silver ones is the fact that they have little seperation links that help keep the charms spread across the bracelet more evenly. However I think I do prefer the look of my leather woven bracelet. I feel it looks more modern and it’s easier to wear on my wrist being quite a bit lighter.


There are hundreds of charms you can choose from now, here are just a few examples of the different types we have. My sister loves the animal charms and her bracelet resembles something like a petting zoo although I do have to admit my favourite charm I have is the cow…
I think although the bracelets are quite expensive, I believe they are more of an investment piece because they do last a very long time and mine is still going after about four years. I don’t wear mine every day, only on special occasions, but I know my mum does wear hers most days and hers is still going strong.


Pandora’s Silver Bracelet
Pandora’s Leather Bracelet
Pandora’s Charms
Ellie x

July 3rd, 2015

River Island Wishlist

River Island Wishlist

Nude Peplum Top // Black double strap Bralette // Grey Suede Rucksack // Black Lace Bralette // Baby Pink Shift Dress // Khaki Cargo Pants // A-line zip-down White Skirt // Grey Sleeveless Blazer // Baby pink body con dress // Maroon Kimono // Black High Sandals

This collection is from one of my favourite high street shops at the moment, River Island. Most of this wishlist is more of a summer collection but there are a few pieces that could be worn at other times during the year. My two favourite items from this collection are the high neck body con dress (I’m a sucker for the high necklines) and the grey suede rucksack, because I have wanted a smart rucksack ever since I saw the River Island! As usual, I have put the links below the picture incase your interested in any of the items from this collection.

Ellie x

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