April 30th, 2015

Triangl bikini’s- really worth the hype?



With the ‘beach season’ just around the corner and people working hard to get their perfect ‘summer bodies’ its no surprise that all different kinds of bikini’s have been flying around Instagram, tumblr and twitter. I believe that a big leader in this trend has to be be Triangl Swimwear. Triangl swimwear has managed to break the mould of average bikinis and swimsuit material by using a new material called Neoprene.
Neoprene is a fabric that was until recently was mainly used in wetsuits or gloves but with this new innovation of using it in bikini’s I could not see why this hadn’t been tried before. Neoprene is water and weather resistant as well as very flexible and lightweight. Im pretty sure that most people would have heard of neoprene bikinis unless they have been living under a rock for the majority of 2015, so I’m sure you’ve probably made up your own opinion on what you think about the idea.


The pros of the neoprene material is that it doesn’t sag when you get out of the water, which is very handy for when you want to go for a dip after some sunbathing. Also it doesn’t matter what colour you choose, there is no need to be scared of it going embarrassingly see-through in that white bikini, as the material is super thick and doesn’t fade. The pros of buying yours from the brand Triangl itself is that the swimwear comes in many different styles and colours.
The cons of these bikini’s people say are that if you are in the water, then when you come out of it you often have to adjust the bottoms so that you can get all of the water out of them. This is because the Neoprene is such a thick material that the water won’t just soak through. Another problem for me is that they are based in the US, therefore if you live in Australia, or England, like me you have to pay quite a lot for shipping. For my bikini I ended up paying about £72, £13 of which was just shipping cost. However, this can be avoided as there are many dupe bikini’s out there for triangl now made of the same Neoprene material but just cheaper, and you can get them without having to pay a fortune for shipping!



The Milly bikini I received, arrived in a black matt box labelled ‘Triangl’ in shiny writing. Inside there were two separate plastic bags, one containing the top and one containing the bottoms. Also included was a ‘how to care’ for your Triangl Bikini, and a return slip. The Bikini itself comes with adjustable straps, and a hardy clasp at the back so you literally put it on like a bra. I find the material very comfortable and it fits me very well. I followed the sizing strategy on the website so if you do decide to buy a bikini from the Triangl website then if you follow the sizing suggestions you should be fine.




There are so many different styles you can get you can get the balconette type, that I bought, a normal Triangl top, which I believe run a little bit cheaper, these different designs also come in so many different colours so I’ll leave you to find out for yourself.

Click here to visit Triangl Website

However, Triangl aren’t the only place you can buy Neoprene bikini’s, there are plenty for sale on websites like Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress and if you type in ‘Triangl Dupes’ into Google you are sure to find something! This is another website people rave about, it may not be as cheap as some you can get from eBay but it is still the shipping is cheaper then the original Triangl Swimwear Brand.

Brakinis (still from the US)

I have only good things to say about the bikini I received, and I wish they would have a Triangl base here in the UK so that the shipping price would be lowered and I wouldn’t feel so bad about spending that large amount of money on a bikini, you’ll find it’s worth every penny.
Do you have a Triangl Bikini? Tell me in the comments…
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